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Parkway Drugs at 350 Leland Ave. and 1256 Albany St. In Utica offers COVID-19 Rapid Testing.

Testing is available at the walk-up window only.
Do not enter the store for testing.


Here at Parkway Drugs we are doing everything to help educate and fulfill the prescription needs of our loyal customers, friends, and local community to “Stay Connected” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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We also want to share news articles and public relations pieces that our local news outlets and customers have done that include or are about Parkway Drugs which can be found below.

Coronavirus Crisis

Vinny Chiffy of talks Pharmacy Response to Coronavirus Crisis.



Our pharmacist is someone we rely on

How lucky we are to have a truly people oriented local business leader in Vinny Chiffy. I read the March 23 article, “Monday Morning Conversation….Parkway Drugs adjust to meet needs.” Continuing free delivery of medications, increasing the number of delivery vehicles, offering to package individual doses for patients whose caregivers may not be able to come regularly, and continuing to educate and ease customers concerns bespeaks of the character of Vinny Chiffy.

Pharmacists are often the ones patients turn to for clarification and help in understanding what and how to use medications ordered by their doctor.

Allowing pharmacists to test for COVID-19 (assuming an adequate supply of testing material), other flu-like conditions, and strep throat is an excellent idea to ease the potential crush of patients in various acute care settings. Not only will testing relieve emotional stress for an individual; strategizing tactics for social distancing will help concerns for persons living with others, the elderly, immunocompromised persons or any group living situation.

Dispensing early refills for chronic illnesses and 30 emergency refills without authorization only make good sense and reflects Chiffy’s concern for the well being of the patient.

Lastly, when an effective vaccine becomes widely available it is obvious that pharmacies offer vaccine administration as is being done with the flu and shingles vaccines even now.

Kathy Sinnott, New Hartford

At Parkway Drugs our employees and our customers safety is our number priority. We are honored to be your local pharmacy for over 50 years. We want to remind everyone to Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Stay Connected.

The Femia and Chiffy Families